Pre-fuel filter 130306360 Perkins

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FFlters or strainers 130306360 designed to be installed on the inlet side of the fuel pump to remove the debris that could damage the fuel pump, but not cause a reduction in pressure that could lead to cavitation and damage to the fuel pump. These filters have larger micron ratings than the main or secondary fuel filter. 


Compatibility Series 100

102.04, 102.05, 103.06, 103.07, 103.09, 103.10, 103.11, 103.13, 103.15, 104.19, 104.22

Series 1100

1103A-33, 1103A-33T, 1103C-33, 1103C-33T, 1103D-33, 1103D-33G, 1104A-44, 1104A-44T, 1104C-44, 1104C-44T, 1104C-44TA, 1104D-44T

Series 400

402C-05, 402D-05, 403C-07, 403C-11, 403C-15, 403C-17, 403D-07, 403D-11, 403D-15, 403D-15T, 403D-17, 403F-11, 403F- 15, 403F-15T, 404A-22, 404C-15, 404C-22, 404C-22T, 404D-15, 404D-22, 404D-22T, 404D-22TA, 404F-22, 404F-22T

Outer Diameter (In)-mm 0.9" - 22mm
Length (In)-mm 1.7"-  42mm
Primary Or Secundary Primary
Type Screen
Integrated water trap No


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