Lube Filter 2654407 Perkins


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Spin on oil filter 2654407 for Perkins engines, designed to meet the needs of Perkins engines by providing superior protection against particles that can make their way into the lubrication system during service or from component wear. Increasing emissions levels has resulted in more precise engineering tolerances in galleries and channels leaving less room between engine components than before, so choosing a genuine Perkins filter is more important than ever to ensure effective lubrication and cooling. Designed to reduce resistance to oil flow while maximizing filter efficiency and provide protection to the recommended oil service interval in the Operation and Maintenance Manual. Typically fitted with anti-drain back valve and by-pass valve to ensure the engine oil is in the right place during starting and operation. Supplied complete with sealing ring.


Outer Diameter (In)-mm 3.8" - 96mm
Length (In)-mm 6.7" - 170,6mm
Seal outer diameter (In)-mm 2.8" - 71,6mm


1000 series
1004-4, 1004-40, 1004-40T, 1004-40TA, 1004-42, 1004-4T, 1004e-4TW, 1006-6, 1006-60, 1006-60T, 1006-60TA, 1006-60TW, 1006- 6T
Serie 1100
1104A-44, 1104A-44T, 1104A-44TA, 1104C-44, 1104C-44T, 1104C-44TA, 1104C-E44, 1104C-E44T, 1104C-E44TA, 1104D-44, 1104D-44T, 1104D-44TA, 1104D- E44T, 1104D-E44TA
Serie 1200
1204E-E44TA, 1204E-E44TTA, 1204F-E44TA, 1204F-E44TTA
4.108 Series  4.108
4.165 Series  4.165
4.236 Series  4.236
4.318 Series 4.3182
Serie 400     404D-22, 404F-22
6.354 Series
6.354, 6.3541, 6.3542, 6.3544, 6.372, 6.3724, C6.3542, C6.3544, H6.354, H6.3544, HT6.354, HT6.3644, T6.354, T6.3541, T6.3543, T6. 3544, TC6.3541
900 series   903-27
Serie V8.540  T8.540, TV8.510, V8.510
Serie V8.640  T8.640, V8.640

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