Picker Spindle Lube & Detergent-5 Gal.

Sale price$38.94


E-Z-E Pickins Spindle Lubricant and Detergent - Gives maximum efficiency and insures good results with all brands of cotton picking machines. Mix 32-64 ounces per 100 gal water. Order Multiples of 4. (42 CS. PER SKID)
Interchange 1285
Net Weight (lbs) 40.00
Brand PickSmart


  • Greater Lubricating Action.
  • Greater Savings on Pads with Lubricating Action.
  • Uses Less Water – 1 Gallon per 100 Gallons of Water.
  • Less Wear and Tear on the Cotton Picker.
  • Better Yield and Quality of Cotton.

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