Sikl-Fix Vise Rivet Tool

Sale price$99.98


Sikl-Fix all in one sickle repair tool. Combination rivet-punch and rivet set vise. Removes and replaces sections on all mowers and other knives without removal or teardown of the knife or sickle bar. Has frame made of high tensile strength ductile iron. The compact design makes it perfect to keep on the machine for quick in field repairs. The Sikl-Fix is built to provide decades of service with all wear parts replaceable.

  • 1 - Remove head from rivet using a chisel or grinder.
  • 2 - Use knockout screw to remove old rivets.
  • 3 - Replace section and place new rivets in holes.
  • 4 - Use riveting screw to peen new rivet.
Interchange 3070,859-3070,R3030
Net Weight (lbs) 5.49

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